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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Should Blogs Be Censored?

Blogs dance back and forth across the line between private thoughts and public space. I thought you might be interested in the following article about teenage blogging, freedom of speech, and the dangers of "exposing" yourself on the internet. Feel free to comment (as if you needed an invitation).


Blogger Sarah B said...

I think blogs can be a good thing, but they can also be a very bad thing depending on who's blog it is and how they use it. I do have a myspace and I like it. For me, it is a way to keep up with some of the friends that I hardly see or the friends that I used to go to school with. It is fun (can be slightly addicting though) and free and it can display your personality. I also use it for music becaue I have found a lot of new bands and artists that I would have never heard about otherwise because they arn't getting the radio play and some of them don't even have major record deals. I wouldn't be upset if my parents looked at my page because I don't post anything on it that I'm not comfortable with the world to see. I also don't talk to creepy old men or anyone else I don't know. Just because I don't abuse my blog doesn't mean that other people don't. Personally, I don't think that schools should be able to punish people for what they post on their blogs unless it is a school related blog. Parents should, schools shouldn't.

9:21 PM  
Blogger SuzanneC said...

I think that places like Myspace.com are a good place, because you can get to know people that you usually don't really talk to at school. I've actually showed my mom some of my profile before, and I wouldn't mind if she looked over the whole thing. Personally, I think it's a person's right to put anything they want on their profile, but I think that they are disgracing themselves when they put inappropriate things on it. If it's obvious others are going to read what is posted on a person's profile, why would someone take the chance of ruining their integrity? If that's a risk people are willing to take, there's nothing anyone can do about it. Even though I think that students are taking a huge risk by saying things in "public", I don't think schools should be able to take action when inappropriate material or language is found on a student's blog because I believe it would be as if the school went to the student's room and read their diary. If the student is threatening another life, then the situation is different.

7:56 PM  
Blogger KaiaN said...

I agree with both of you, but I think if it's something that you would write in your diary, it's definitely not something that people should include in their blogs. If something inappropriate does appear on a blog or something inappropriate is revealed about the user, I think any authorities should have the ability to punish them according to that. There is a fine line between having a blog for fun and exposing far too much about yourself and although I personally think they are fun, they can be extremely dangerous if they are misused or not private enough.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Caitlino said...

I have to agree with all three comments, however I believe there is a reality to the fun idea of posting our whole lives onto a little webpage that we have not yet realized. I admit not being very careful with what I post online, though I should be. Whether it be outsiders looking in on a blog or your best friend, they can creat major problems. I think censoring information given online is a good idea, however content of a blog should not be censored. Just because it is the internet does not mean our rights for free speech should be revoked or hindered in any way.
Another point I might make is that there should be censoring on people making something like myspace their entire lives. When I hear girls saying in all seriousness, "we aren't friends anymore, I took her off my top eight friends list" or " She hates me! She doesn't even comment on my site anymore!" this is when things have gone too far. No one needs some internet site running their entire lives. Oh high school...

7:36 PM  
Blogger Ms. Kakos said...

There's a cell phone commercial that reminds me of Caitlin's comment. It was popular over the holidays, and it entailed a woman in her twenties chatting about how her cell phone factors into her dating life; she explains enthusiastically that she won't let a man she's just met into her speed dial, and that when she breaks up with a guy, the best feeling is to erase his number from her phone. As I watched this commercial with my mom (who's in her sixties and rarely uses a cell phone) my mom said, "I don't get it." I said, "I totally get it." Then I felt kind of depressed about myself.

8:24 PM  
Blogger lindzd said...

I think you can say (blog) whatever you want it only depends on the word choice, and some words and phrases need not to be said. It just takes the meaning out of it and makes it dull and dirty. True, we have FREEDOM of speech but that doesn't (to me) mean one should have the right to.

4:49 PM  

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