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Monday, November 07, 2005

Striving for Moral Perfection

As you chart your virtues this week a la Ben Franklin, write a brief journal entry to the blog addressing which virtue is posing the greatest challenge to you and why you think this is. Remember that chastity, though an honorable virtue, is not appropriate to discuss in this exercise. Please read and comment on each other's entries as well.


Blogger JacobW said...

The virtue that has, through both fate and causality, been posing the greatest challenge to me this week has been the pursuit of tranquility. I have found it excedingly hard to tune out the jumbled events which have troubled me the past week that we have undergone this project. As a result of the exceedingly vast amount of homework and the myriad social sentiments that have plagued me thus far, I can only find peace and contenment in Ms. Kakos' class.
-I love Ms. Kakos

1:52 PM  
Blogger AleF said...

Patience has been the greatest challenge to me this week simply because of my nature. The opposing vice for Patience is Anger or Wrath and I have a very short temper. This may be partially due to the fact that I am an only child and therefore am not used to the aggravations that people with annoying siblings experience every day. Of course, my continued violation of Patience could be due to my runners-up violated virtues. I could be just too lazy to bother reining in my temper--that's a dot for Diligence. Then again, what really bothers me is people insulting my intelligence, even in the most indirect way imaginable--there's a dot for Humility.

2:58 PM  
Blogger amandag said...

okay... well, the greatest challenge for me this week has been patience! I think that because I'm such an organized, detailed, minute to minute planner... I get frustrated when people around me don't go at my pace or fit into my time table of when I have time to deal with them. I know that this all sounds conceited, but let me give you an example. MY BROTHER! He's just always demanding my attention, or making repetative noises, and it's hard for me to be patient with him. I don't know! Does anyone relate?

3:23 PM  
Blogger JeffN said...

The virtue that I have found to give me the most trouble is, "Giving More Then Required While Giving All Beforehand." I defined this virtue as going above and beyond the expectations of others as well as the expectations of oneself. For me to officially have mastered this virtue, I know in my heart that I need to fulfill both aspects of the virtue. Going above and beyond the expectations of others has posed no real problem for me because everyone has different expectations of people. But the second phrase, "going above and beyond the expectations of oneself," has given me a considerable amount of trouble. I have set high moral standards for myself, not only at school and at home, but pertaining to all aspects of life. The fact that I have set such high standards for myself can possibly be viewed as setting myself up for failure, but I view it in a different way, a more optimistic way. It always keeps me reaching for the unreachable height and the unattainable perfection that I and others expect of me. So in reality, I am not hindering my ability to achieve my goals, values, standards, and virtues, I'm setting the bar high so that I can better myself in many areas and aspects of life, for both short term and long term.

3:34 PM  
Blogger meganJ said...

Two virtures have given me the toughest challenge and in a way they come hand in hand. Patience and minding my mouth. I find it extremly hard to keep my patience under control, at school when the hallways jam, when i'm frustrated with my friends and simply because i'm grumpy and especially at work where customers always seem so rude and clueless. I then become frustrated and it's hard to keep under control the thoughts that pop into my head because i have a tendency to say whatever's on my mind. I'm working on it though. <3

6:18 PM  
Blogger Robn said...

Time management has been difficult for me to keep under control during this trial period. I think I study too much for tests; I wanted to free up some of that time for myself. I suppose it is ironic, then, that I am spending so much time writing a blog about how I don't have enough time for non-curricular activities. This viscious cycle has perpetuated into me feeling un-cheerful; for I have failed not only at making time for myself but also because I failed at feeling cheerful some of the time! Perhaps, then, I should try harder to find a virtue that simulataneously sates the human's thirsty for indulgement and ambition for thriftiness, ambiguity but not necessarily ambivalence yields greater attainment and self-actualization in life.

8:32 PM  
Blogger KatieC said...

I think the most difficult virtue for me to accomplish right now is probably motivation, just like having the will to get things done. I have an issue with procrastination so I am really trying hard this week! It's difficult, yeah, but I hope to accomplish my goals and maybe even keep this whole virtue chart thing in mind all the time so I continue to get better at time management. Hey, I'm doing better right now, blogging before the last minute!Yeah!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Katy L said...

Life!!!! What an amazing blessing. Every morning I wake up is a gift. Food, family, friends, home, and education, are just a few of the millions of things I am blest with. I take so much for granted, so thankfulness is the virtue that is the most challenging for me. When I have food, I need to remember those who are hungry; or when I have a warm home, I need to remember the homeless. I need to keep in mind that all that I have is a gift.

6:10 PM  
Blogger JocelynH said...

I think one of the hardest virtues for me to follow is Monitering My Cell Phone. I'm a big chatter on my cell and a lot of my friends have that number so they always call me. I always like to chat with them and I keep forgetting that before 7pm on the weekdays, I only have 300 minutes and I can go through 300 minutes within a week. If I let my phone ring too long, it goes to the home phone and I could talk on that, but I don't usually get home til 5 or later. Then, when I'm not home, I always answer my phone and start chatting, and then I go over. This week, I've been trying hard to not talk too much on my phone and limit my calls to less than a minute. It might help me with more self-control and although the temptation is there, I try to just meet up with the people instead.

8:22 PM  
Blogger kerstinm3 said...

The virtue that is giving me the most trouble is time managment. I think this is giving me the most trouble because I have always worked better under pressure and I don't think there's anyway I'm going to change. I think that we were born and brought up with certain traits that can't be improved. Then again it depends on who you are and what you consider to be improvemnet. How do you consider someone perfect?

2:37 PM  
Blogger lindzd said...

The hardest virtue to follow, for me, is Time Management/ Procrastination. I leave things to the last minute, but somehow, by a miracle, I live to the next day! I can manage well with many responsibilities but trying to organize them is the impossible part. So much to do! The American Dream, lately, seems to be procrastination and time management! The only way to go is going after you're gone!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Raychel H said...

Well basically, in the last week since we started this virtue project, the hardest one for me has been sticking up for myself. When my best friends do something I think is wrong, or say something mean to me, I just let it go instead of telling them how I feel. This causes them to not realize that it hurts me and therefore they will keep on doing it. I know they would probably stop or whatever, if i told them I'm just too afraid to do so because i am afraid to get into fights with them.

5:15 PM  
Blogger KerryL said...

This week there have been two difficult virtues for me to manage, one being procrastination like many others, and one called SLEEP. I need to manage my time better and kind of get into a schedule where I can go to sleep on time and have everything finished instead of procrastinating until way after im supposed to be in bed. I need to complete homework on the day that it is due and learn how to organize myself enough to bring home the necesseties of doing homework. That way, I can go to sleep on time and get alot more sleep than i have been getting.
p.s. Amanda I can relate to your brother, my brother is making noises in my computer room right now trying to make me mad so I know exactly what you are going through haha. Try to ignore him and then he will stop!

8:01 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth B. said...

The virtue that is giving me the greatest challenge is humor because I was sick with the flu for five days. With achey muscles and a throbbing head, nothing seemed funny. Try as I might, I could not find anything humorous especially since I was home sick by myself.

8:24 PM  
Blogger KaiaN said...

I guess it wasn't really hard for me to do or not do something. A lot of my chart is really inconsistent. So on my chart I used colors and I did green for good, yellow for okay, and red for really bad. But on Monday, after school I had the worst day and I have all these red boxes because I was so upset that I had trouble being (for instance) "hard to anger" and "patient." Haha, I know it's really sad, but one of the few green boxes I had was physical well-being because I went to bed early because I was so upset.

8:31 PM  
Blogger KaiaN said...

Oh my gosh Katie L.! You are adorable! I think we all should be more grateful for everything we have!

8:34 PM  
Blogger Cayleigh B said...

For me, it's been procrastination and getting all my homework done before i run to the computer or the T.V.. This week I have constantly told myself to go do homework and to get it done on time. I think that most people can relate to this. We all constantly do it. I think it's actaully worse for most honors students because we have to do so much homework. And, i dont know about everyone else, but i feel that i can never come home with an empty backpack and without a whole list of things to do. The other night i just did not feel like doing any homework at all. I wanted to not worry about it and have one night that i wasn't stressed out. But, by doing that it only made me more stressed tonight becausee the homework really piled up. I'm looking forward to the weekend! :)

8:57 PM  
Blogger StaceyW said...

A couple virtues, well one vertue and one task, haven't really been going so well. The first one being procrastination, clearly a problem on blogging, but I am only half way through charting my virtues so i guess it's not too bad. The other one is checking my email, this is a problem. I check them about every three days, but I still miss meetings and mailings and information. It's a problem.

2:27 PM  

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